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I Thee Coronavirus?! 5 tips to DIY Livestream your Wedding for FREE!

Wedding live-streaming isn't a new phenomenon. Lightening fast internet and other technologies has made live-streaming super easy. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, there were many reasons why couples were opting to add a live-stream to their wedding ceremony. But we now find ourselves in unprecedented times, Unfortunately, for quite sometime, it many not be safe for our most vulnerable loved ones to meet in large groups and events.

One of the first things you need to decide is whether live-streaming is something that you're gonna hire a professional– like myself, a videographer for, or do you feel like this is something you will take on as a couple? Hiring a professional means you don't have to worry about it, and trust me on your wedding day you're going to be worrying about a whole lot of other things! Hiring a professional means that you can hand that headache off to them. Leaving one less thing for you to have to think about, which is always a plus!

But if hiring a pro team to livestream your wedding is completely out of the question, here are my pro tips as a wedding filmmaker and videographer that COULD stream your wedding for you (just saying, lol), I'm here to share with you my 5 fool proof tips for adding a live-stream to your wedding so that all your favorite people will be able to witness and celebrate your union right along with you and your partner!

Tip # 1 Designate a Friend

Okay, so my first tip would be for you to designate one or two people to handle the live-stream for you. Even though it's, supposed to be a DIY stream you actually aren't going to be doing anything because you'll too busy at the altar getting married! My suggestion is to choose someone who's NOT in your bridal party, that is also very reliable, AND is relatively tech savvy. So, whoever that person is in your life, that's who I'd advise you hand this task off to.

Tip #2 Check your internet connection

This is probably the most important of the tips I'm going to share with you because without an internet connection, there is no live-stream, period! For the most part you're probably getting married in a place that has a great internet connection. Most houses of worship already live-stream their services so that means the infrastructure is already built in. A lot of hotels, because they host conferences, also have really great internet connection.

If you're not getting married at a place of worship or a hotel, you might potentially run into internet issues, which is why it is so important for you to check the internet connection.This is NOT something you're gonna check the day of the wedding! You'll need to call, or preferably VISIT your venue on a day that's not your wedding to gain an understanding of what their internet setup is.

You'll want your venue's internet to have a fast upload speed. With a faster upload speed that means you'll have a live-stream that is streaming in real time, rather than it being choppy and freezing a lot.

Tip #3 Use a dedicated internet connection

What that means is you want your device physically tethered to the Internet via an ethernet cord. With a dedicated internet connection you'll have a better quality video. If your ceremony is indoors, having a dedicated internet connection is probably not going to pose too much of a problem, but for my couples having outdoor ceremonies, you may run into a hiccup having to use a wireless internet connection. It's not impossible, but it IS a lot less reliable when it comes to live-streaming.

Tip #4 Consider your lighting

Are you getting married outside in the evening hours during sunset? Is the venue a bit darker? What would seem bright enough to the naked eye could potentially be too dark for a camera that's live-streaming. You should have a back-up lighting plan in place just in case you need to brighten things up a bit for your stream.

Tip #5 Stabilize your camera

My final tip would be for you to keep the camera steady. If you're using a laptop I would suggest having it on a table or a chair. If you're streaming via cellphone or tablet I would suggest you use a tripod for these devices.

And that's it! Those are my 5 suggestions for a successful livestream! Are you considering live-streaming your wedding? If so please let me know by commenting below. If you have questions regarding anything in this video you can also drop it in the comment section below or shoot me an email!

Until next time, see you later!

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