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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Traditionally, you and your bridesmaid all go to a bridal boutique and try on different bridesmaids dresses. You'd all agree on a dress and then BAM you get the dress in everybody size tailored to fit all of your bridesmaids. But, currently, we are finding ourselves in unique circumstances where as though we're planning weddings from home. Even if it's outside of the quarantine what happens if you have a bridesmaid that happens to live out of town? How do you get everyone outffited and ready for your wedding?

I made this video and post for all the couples out there planning a wedding from home. If you didn't know, there are online formal wear boutiques that you can try their dress samples right at home. I selected three of these online bridesmaids boutiques, "Azazie," "Kennedy Blue," and "Revelry," to try their service. There are definitely more online shops out there, but I chose these three because they came so highly recommended. The three things that all the boutiques have in common are that they will send a sample to your bridesmaids home for them to try on for just ten dollars, there's an included packing slip for your bridesmaids to send the dress back, and lastly they typically allow you to keep the dress for 3-5 business days free of charge. It's a really fun way to try on a few different options in the comfort of your home and still be wedding ready when it's time to go down the aisle.


Unboxing my dress the sample was folded and wrapped in plastic which is great because things can't move around and scrunch up causing the fabric to wrinkles. Also included in their box was a return packing slip and that was it, neat and simple.

Multi-ethnic Bridesmaids holding baby's breath bouquets wearing burgundy bridesmaids Azazie dresses
Multicultural Bridesmaids

When you're on the Azazie website, I will say, it is actually a little bit difficult to find the "try at home" section. I don't know why but it's kind of hidden. On the home page, when you first log onto the site you scroll down, past the pictures of the different bridesmaids and bridal attire, and then you'll find a section that says "try at home." Azazie has a lot of options, which can be a blessing and a curse. For someone like myself, I'm a little bit more indecisive so having so many options means I'm gonna be a hot mess, lol. When I was trying to decide on which dress I wanted to try on for you guys it was a little bit overwhelming for me.

African American Woman with relaxed hair in dusty blue Azazie Bridesmaids Dress
Dusty Blue Azazie Bridesmaids Dress

Instead of choosing your regular dress size Azazie has its own unique sizing chart. You have to follow their instructions for taking proper measurements and it was kind of a hassle in my opinion. If you don't have a tape measure at home then it's like "well, what size dress should I order?" I was a little bit too lazy to get up and get my tape measure, I was kind of surfing the site from my couch and I was comfy, and I decided to just try and take a stab at it. I guessed my size since I roughly know my measurements. If you have the time to measure yourself go ahead and do it because the dress was great but it was a little bit too big for me. You can order samples in so many great colors that is definitely a really great plus on their end.

KENNEDY BLUE dress came in a USPS box, which is fine, but when I opened the package and the dress was literally just dumped in the box. Not even folded, just a velvet sample thrown in a box. They also included a tape measure, your return slip, a reminder of the rules for trying on dresses at home, a size chart, and then a return bag for you to put the dress in and send it back to them via USPS, super easy.

African American woman with natural hair in navy blue Azazie bridesmaids dress
Azazie Navy Blue Bridesmaids dress

When you log on to the site it's super easy to find the" try at home" dresses. You'll find the tab right in the top banner. My experience, out of these three online bridesmaids dress shops, Kennedy Blue, had the least amount of available samples of dresses and jumpsuit for you to select from. There were only three pages of dresses, scrolling through, the pages are relatively long but much fewer than Azazie's site that had about 15 pages. Azazie was a little overwhelming for me so Kennedy Blue's three pages felt just right. There were a few dresses that I wanted to try from Kennedy Blue but when I clicked the dress and tried to find my size they either did not have that dress in my size or they didn't have very many color options.

KB's dresses range from size zero to size 24, which is awesome. The dresses are in straight sizes which is great, so if you know your dress size it's gonna be super easy to get in here and pick a dress that fits. What I've noticed in this experiment is that formal wear tends to run slightly larger than your clothes that you wear every day. Again, it can't hurt to go ahead and measure yourself because my dress was still slightly large.


My box was packaged impeccably. Tissue paper with a branded sticker seals all the box's contents. When you open the box there is a booklet inside that'll hold your return slip and a checklist. There's also some stickers as well as the size chart. The box includes a full swatch book that has all the swatches of their available fabrics. The samples were on hangers and covered by a plastic garment wrap.

Of the three sites revelry was my absolute favorite. It was very easy to find Revelry's "try at home" option in the top banner. In my opinion, of these three online boutiques, Revelry had the most modern dresses. Really pretty dresses and jumpsuits in some really great colors. And not only dresses and jumpsuits but they also had two-piece options such as skirts, blouses, and pants. The samples range in sizes from 0 to 32, they are super inclusive. Not only do you have great sample dresses which are beautiful but they also are really making sure to accommodate women of all sizes which is so important

Biracial woman wearing Blush Revelry Sequins Bridesmaids Dress and Pink Bouquet
Natural Hair and Sequin Bridesmaids dress

The one downfall about Revelry is that although they have really beautiful samples that come in a really great variety of colors they don't let you try on the sample in the color of your choice. I guess it's ok because they do send that really great swatch book to your home and it has every single fabric, texture, and color of all of their samples. Still, it would be nice to try on your sample in the color of the bride's choice so you can see what it looks like against your skin.I happened to choose a two-piece number consisting of a white blouse and sequins pants.

Just to wrap things up, planning a wedding from home has it's challenges but it can be easier than you think. I've seen sample sites for not only bridesmaids dress but also wedding gowns and tuxedos! What did you think of my three bridesmaids choices which one was your favorite? Leave me a comment or shoot me a questions regarding shipping and delivery. Until next time, buh bye!

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