20 Fun Creative Ways to Honor Your Original, Pre-Coronavirus, Wedding Date

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Planning a wedding during so much uncertainty is a drag! I know one of the first things you considered after getting engaged was your wedding date. Wedding dates are so special and usually have some sort of sentiment attached to them. Now, you're finding yourselves in a situation where you probably have to postpone your wedding until this whole pandemic is a thing of the past. But, just because your wedding date is changing it doesn't mean that you have to pretend that your original date wasn't hella special!

I teamed up with wedding planner extraordinaire Yodit Gebreyes of Favored by Yodit and we cohost an instagram LIVE sharing our list of 20 fun and creative ways to still celebrate your original wedding date if your wedding is currently impacted by Covid-19. Let's get right into the list.

1. Have a Date Night

You and your partner can have a special date night on the evening of your original wedding date. Plan something like a couple's massage or even stream and watch a movie together! Date night can mean whatever is most special to you guys.

2. Order a Cake

You can celebrate and support local business by ordering a small cake or if it's possible the top tier of wedding cake from your cake vendor. On your cake you can write a special message to one another and enjoy your treat together!

3. Turn your bedroom into a honeymoon suite.

Be creative, nuff said, lol.

4. Have a Small Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Safety takes precedence over everything so please exercise the utmost precaution and follow the recommendations of your local government. But if at all possible you could either have a virtual ceremony with your officiant or an extremely small ceremony of less than 10 people, everyone standing 6 feet apart, of course. Depending on your local city hall you may or may not be able to get a license issued. Even if you can not, holding a symbolic ceremony will still be very special.

5. Commission an Artist

Another fun way to memorialize the day and support a local business

would be to hire an artist to paint your portrait from a photo. Or commission a different art piece that represents you both. You'll have a lovely new piece for your home to boot!

6. Read Your Vows Together

The beauty of sharing your vows together at home is that it can feel much less intimidating than doing so in front of an audience. So let those emotions rip loose and really tell one another how you feel!

7. Create a Time Capsule

Despite everything happening, you and your partner are living through a historical event. You can create a time capsule that you both vow to open 5, 10, or more years down the line. You could add things like your original wedding invites, your new change of date info, news clippings, and any "of the moment" items you guys would like to add.

8. Have your DJ create a Playlist

What better way to keep everyone excited about your new wedding date than to send your guests a downloadable playlist mixed and mastered by your DJ?! Give them a little taste of the party that's to come!

9. Host a Zoom Reception

Get your wedding VIPs dancing the night away with you and your boo. Hop on a zoom call with your bridal party and family. You could even hire your DJ for a private one hour dance party or use their playlist from tip #8!

10. Ask Guests to Donate to a Charity in Your Name

There are so many non-profits and essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic risking their lives everyday. In lieu of gifts why not ask guests to donate to your favorite Covid-19 relief charity? It'll get those "feel good" juices flowing.

11. Enjoy a Meal Together Inspired By Your Reception Menu

If it's available to you, hire your catering company and have them send over your reception meal for two! Many independent caterers are doing home deliveries at the moment. Or, you and bae can take a crack at whipping up your reception meal together in your own kitchen.

12. Champagne Toast

Buy a bottle of something nice, go ahead, treat yo'self, and enjoy a special toast together, just the two of you!

13. Order Flowers