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This Is My Story

Meet Nikki, the #QuirkyVideoGal

In my journey I’ve overcome my share of adversity. There was a time I was unsure if I could pursue my dream of filmmaking. In 2009, I was in my final year of undergrad majoring in filmmaking, dreaming of making a name for myself, when, surprise, I found out I was pregnant!  I, literally, graduated, by the skin of my teeth, only one week after having given birth to my daughter. My fiancé and I both decided that it was best that I stayed home with her. She was so worth the sacrifice but my entire professional life was put on hold for three and a half years. To be honest, I felt like, in some ways, I had failed. One day, I stumbled across a wedding film studio online and I was completely blown away! The flexibility of running my own business was exactly what I needed, best of all, I could return to my love of filmmaking!


There was still one elephant sized hurdle, we had only one income and money was tight. How could I afford the expensive camera gear I needed to get started? It wasn’t until our daughter was a toddler that I felt comfortable enough to put her in preschool.  I started as a sub-contractor on a job that was only set to last three months. I was so excited, because it was a start.  To my surprise, that three month assignment ended up being 18 months! That was all the time I needed to buy each piece of camera gear one item at a time. When that assignment ended, I hit the ground running.  That was January of 2013, and I haven't looked back since.

As a business, Mae B. Films is young, but it took many years and an undying faith to get me here. I'm exactly where I always wanted to be, telling stories with my camera. I don't think my couples understand how incredibly humbled and grateful I am to each of them for believes in my storytelling.  Kali, my daughter, my heart, my reason for life itself, was born from my love, and Mae B. Films was born from my dreams. 

Black Woman Entrepreneur standing in front of a batman and robin Mural on the Lower East side Manhattan New York
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