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You hear the deafening cheers and squeeze the hand of your beloved and best friend. As you both enter the room, it humbles you. You’re covered by the love and support of your community. You feel courageous and excited about the adventure that lies ahead ready to navigate this unfamiliar terrain together with grace. I’m ready to capture these moment.


How did you become a wedding filmmaker?

I majored in documentary filmmaking and have a degree in media studies,as well as some student loan debt, but that’s for a different conversation . While trying to “find myself’ in undergrad, I had the bright idea to just take a bunch of electives that peaked my interest. I quickly discovered that I was most engaged and excited while taking film course. I declared it my major and never looked back.



What is your approach?

My approach, be present. Each couple is different, each wedding is different so I’m anti-formulaic predictable wedding films. Being present means I enjoy getting to understand the dynamics of your relationship, beforehand. For me, it’s fun getting to know you.  I want to capture things as they naturally unfold, and whether you’re both hopeless romantics, or quirky goofballs my goal is to deliver to you a film that feels authentic.



Who do you enjoy shooting?

I enjoy collaborating with couples whose love is palpable. Who aren’t afraid to wed in unconventional ceremonies at unconventional locations because it’s important to them that the day reflects who they are. I love couples who are excited to share their day with the people celebrating with them. I’m excited to hear your creative perspective and collaborate with you.



Will you keep our video offline?

Although we probably haven’t even spoken yet I hope that through my work you can imagine the video that you’d like for yourself. Sharing my work is how I book each of my bomb-ass couples, that’s why it’s so crucial!  Marketing my work as a small business keeps me in business. Don’t get me wrong, I understand, wedding moments are intimate and personal. Unfortunately, not being able to showcase my work means a loss of revenue for my studio. There are couples that would like their film to remain offline. In those cases I charge an additional fee equivalent to the price of your wedding package. It’s a loss of revenue and exclusivity fee. This fee is meant to offset at least one potential wedding that I will not be able to book because the film isn’t in my portfolio. I appreciate that you understand.



Can we choose our own music?

Music can either make or break the overall feeling of a wedding film. Often times I’m editing at my computer, on the verge of pulling my hair out because in my mind I know the PERFECT “S.H.E” or “Daniel Cesar” songs for my couple’s films. Unfortunately,  sites like youtube, vimeo, and facebook use copyright detecting software to block and penalize videos with copyrighted music. As an artist i get it (it still sucks), but I have to use music that I can purchase a license for in my films. Here’s a little secret (shh), choosing music that fits the overall mood of my couple’s film is my hidden superpower. But it’s also a very long and sometimes tedious process. In an effort to stay on schedule for your delivery date I choose the music for the film. But there are a few work around, that we can discuss privately!



Do you travel?

My bags are packed and I’m ready to meet you anywhere in the world!


What’s the process if we’d like to work with you?

It starts with our initial call, and then I like to setup a meeting with you guys. I value meeting my potential couples face to face because chemistry, let’s be honest,  is everything. We get to know one another, and I get to answer all of your questions, right then and there! if we connect then let’s get the ball rolling and collaborate! I book out as far as 14 months in advance.  


​​When can we expect our video?

Delivery is within 16 weeks (4 months) after your wedding. Editing video is pretty time consuming. Typically, after capturing an eight hour wedding day worth of footage on, sometimes, up to 5 different cameras I then bring all that footage to my editing station and watch all of it, yes, Every. Single. Clip.  Next, I organize the clips, Editing out any junk files, sync the audio, adjust audio levels, put clips together to shape a proper story, find the right music, add titles, include transitions, adjust the color etc. This is the process for each of my couple’s films, even during peak wedding season. So as you can imagine, it takes me a minute.


​​What’s RAW footage and is it included?

RAW footage is basically all the footage recorded on your wedding day. I do not sell or include RAW footage in my wedding packages. Why? Well, from a legal standpoint it’s Mae B. FIlms’ intellectual property and I would never want it to end up in the hands of someone passing it off as their work. Secondly, raw footage is, a nightmare! The clips are unedited, they’re sometimes shaky, with the audio in completely separate files, and the color is flat because it hasn’t been edited. When you hire me, essentially, you’re licening me to capture your wedding day and  take those clips and create a polished edited video for you.


​​How do you deliver our video?

Once edited, I send you a link to review the video and you let me know how you feel about it.  Once you give me the green light, and you’re satisfied the actual video files are sent for you to download.



Do we meet before the wedding?

Yes please! I know that we all have hectic schedules but I’m always excited, and look forward to meeting with my couples. We can grab a drink or hit a roller skating rinks, if you’re down! No? Ok, well, we can pick something you both like instead, hehehe.



We have a budget, can you work with it?

Weddings are expensive, and I’m sure there are certain things that cost more than you expected, videography is usually one of those costs.  I really like to remain transparent. As a full-time event filmmaker and mother I don’t have a 401k or health benefits coming with a corporate company. I have to pay for everything out of pocket. While I would like to offer discounts and work with ALL budgets – it’s usually not possible in order to profit and stay in business. With that being said, there are  a few instances that make it more likely for me to work within your budget. Like, having a wedding during “off” season (November-March). Let’s discuss the possible options!



Can we watch a full wedding film?

Yes, when we have our initial meeting (see question #6) I bring samples.