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“Why black people don’t get married.” Yes, that’s an actual headline of an article that I found one day while surfing the web. As I rolled my eyes, completely annoyed, I was not only disgusted but hurt by the fact that this ridiculous stereotype even exists in our society. As a woman of color, myself,  I understand, and feel the ramifications, first hand, of these negative stereotypes. When I'm capturing my couple's love stories I feel like I'm helping to dismantle those toxic narratives. I’m honored to know that my couples trust me and openly invite me in to experience, with them, their celebration, of love. I never take that for granted. They trust me to capture them even in their vulnerability. It fills me with pride knowing that I can represent them holistically as the loving, beautifully complex, human being they are.


My degree in filmmaking has been my foundation and it's helped me so much over the years. But working professionally, as a wedding filmmaker,  I’ve learned that flexibility is key. Throughout the day, there are certain styles that I use to capture all of your memorable moments in the best most authentic way. Usually, I’m in “Ninja Mode.” Stealthily, in the background, capturing candids of everything as it naturally happens. Sometime, I channel my inner Ava DuVernay. Gently directing you both, but making sure you never look fake. It’s a very delicate balance but authenticity is always my highest priority. I know when it feels right to step in and when it’s best to fall back.

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You’re more into capturing moments as they happen naturally rather than shots that look stiff and cliche. On your wedding day you still want to feel like yourself. You know, your quirky, silly, funny, sarcastic, quiet, flirty, loud, (insert adjective that describes you, lol) self! I’m here for that! This day isn’t about following all the trends. For you guys, it’s about more than a superficial attempt to “go viral” on Instagram. Nah, that’s not really your thing. You’ve got an adventurous spirit. A spirit that leads you to  some of the most wonderfully obscure passport stamping locations from around the world. You’re even great at finding the coolest little best kept secrets in your own hometown! That’s why, you believe that your wedding day should feel like a celebration with all of your favorite people in one cool place. Babe, I totally get you! So, if I just described you, we should’ve been chatting on the phone, like, yesterday! Call me, boo!

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