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You "never knew a luh, luh,luh, love like this," and you probably never wanted a wedding. Marriage, yes, but the traditional, massive, over the top, shindig dripping in crystals, topiary shaped floral arrangements, and tulle for days? Nah, son. You, standing there, waist snatched and edges laid to the Gods. Nah, son. Traditional just isn’t you, and although you’ve decided to do this whole “wedding thing” it needs to channel a more creative, modern, intentional, and meaningful vibe.


I feel you. Being a creative myself, I try to shoot a little differently than your traditional wedding filmmaker.  My specialty is capturing the raw, happy, and sometimes, even, sad "keep it real" emotional moments. I’m here for that. Present with you in your vision, capturing shots that are purpose motivated. As an experienced filmmaker I’ve developed an understanding of what to look for, an ear for pairing it with a soundtrack that actually matches your personalities all while keeping your skin tones on point, Yaas! Trust me to capture all the memories that you’d like to look back on, over, and over again. 

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I don’t have the words ...Thank you Nikki! This was thoughtful, pure, and beautiful. You are so damn talented girl!

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